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Cool Lapdesk

Need a lapdesk, but don't want the clunky look which often comes with them? The The Intrigo Lapstation solves the issue of design while providing the perfect portable surface for your laptop computer!


Made with laptops in mind, this lapdesk has plenty of room for not only your laptop computer, but for other items as well. Not only that, it conveniently and easily folds into an easy-to-carry briefcase size, so it is easy to take wherever you want to go.

And, it is as easy to set up as it is to fold up. Employees at Intrigo have gotten the set-up time down to as little as THREE SECONDS! Just squeeze the handles, flip out the legs to the desired height, and you're ready! Easy!

The Standard Intrigo Lapstation . Click the text link to go to their site!

All models come with wrist pads already built in, and all except the Basic model have pockets to store your things. At only 5.9 pounds for the lightest lapdesk, you can have the convenience of a fully portable desk without lugging something heavy around.

The high-quality Basic and Standard models come with a One-Year Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, while the Ultimate Intrigo Lapstation has a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Intrigo Lapstation

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At their site, just click on the Ultimate Lapstation shown to go to the information page. From there, just scroll down to Visit the Store and choose your new Lapstation!

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