Get Your Candles!

Candlemart specializes in candles for all occasions at great discounts! From votive candles to big pillar candles to candleholders, they have a candle for every room in your house!

The popular aromatherapy candles, as well as standard scented candles, are offered here at very reasonable prices. There is no need to pay a fortune to get exactly the kind of candle you want! Not only that, their candles are 100% guaranteed for your satisfaction!

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Candlemart candles have long burn times as well. The 4-pack votive candle set, for instance, has a burn time of 15 hours according to their site! (Burn times vary by conditions.)

Also, there is a Bath and Body department to help you pamper yourself after a hard day at work. There's nothing as relaxing as sitting in a bubble bath with candles burning... The Bath and Body department includes a wide variety of bubble bath, body shampoo, and other luxurious items to take the stress right out of you!

As an added bonus, Candlemart has a "Fragrance of the Month Club". Candles which are of the Fragrance of the Month get an additional 25% discount (cannot be combined with other discounts)!

To get your candles, just click a banner or text link to go to their site and order!

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Visit and save up to 70%