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Counting calories is a major part of many diets. Yet, it has also been a major pain in the neck! Not only did a person have to keep track of everything eaten, but do a series of calculations to determine the amount of calories in the amount actually eaten. And this does not even mention the daunting task of trying to find out the caloric value of foods in restaurants!

With the NutriCounter (now called the HealthFitCounter), all of this is made easy! This great machine makes the formerly complex task of calorie counting a simple matter of pushing a few buttons. You just enter what you ate and the size of the portion eaten, and the NutriCounter does all of the work.

You can view the results by day, week, or month, or take an average over many days for an overall picture of nutrient intake. Not only does it count your calories, but also tells you how much fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates (carbs), sugar, fiber, and protein has been eaten. It even breaks down how much Saturated Fat has been eaten, out of the amount of total fat!

And, eating in popular restaurants is no longer a problem! Caloric values for foods at popular fast-food places are already programmed into the NutriCounter.

Even though there are 2,000 foods already programmed into the unit, there is the chance that one of the foods you like won't already be there. In that case, simply enter the information for that food. You'll never have to reprogram that food's data!


The NutriCounter is easy to use. In fact, most information can be accessed in only TWO button pushes!

Of course, this great item is 100% guaranteed!

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